What is an Airport ?

Airports run in many sizes from those with simply a grass runway, to sprawling complexes with huge numbers of Concrete runways, taxiways, terminals, etc. Many in fact are almost like small cities operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year and service tens of thousands of people a day.

The theme restaurant and control tower at Los ...

Although not too long ago air travel was rare, today it is an essential part of the worldwide commerce and transportation system.  In addition, for some people living in remote areas (such as Alaska), air travel is their only link to civilization and needed supplies.

An airport is a location where aircraft such as fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, and blimps take off and land. Aircraft may be stored or maintained at an airport. An airport consists of at least one surface such as a runway for a plane to take off and land, a helipad, or water for takeoffs and landings, and often includes buildings such as control towers, hangars and terminal buildings.
Furthermore, each airport has a unique 3 character code, which is discussed airport codes and

Larger airports may have fixed base operator services, seaplane docks and ramps, air traffic control, passenger facilities such as restaurants and lounges, and emergency services. A military airport is known as an airbase or air station.

A water airport is a water aerodrome (an area of open water used regularly by seaplanes or amphibious aircraft for landing and taking off), usually with passenger facilities on adjacent land, which acts as an airport.
The terms aerodrome, airfield, and airstrip may also be used to refer to airports, and the terms heliport, seaplane base, and STOLport refer to airports dedicated exclusively to helicopters, seaplanes, or short take-off and landing aircraft.   In colloquial use, the terms airport and aerodrome are often interchanged. However, in general, the term airport may imply or confer a certain stature upon the aviation facility that an aerodrome may not have achieved. In some jurisdictions, airport is a legal term of art reserved exclusively for those aerodromes certified or licensed as airports by the relevant national aviation authority after meeting specified certification criteria or regulatory requirements.[1]   That is to say, all airports are aerodromes, but not all aerodromes are airports. In jurisdictions where there is no legal distinction between aerodrome and airport, which term to use in the name of an aerodrome may be a commercial decision.

Smaller or less-developed airports—which represent the vast majority—often have a single runway shorter than 1,000 m (3,300 ft). Larger airports for airline flights generally have paved runways 2,000 m (6,600 ft) or longer. Many small airports have dirt, grass, or gravel runways, rather than asphalt or concrete.   In the United States, the minimum dimensions for dry, hard landing fields are defined by the FAR Landing And Takeoff Field Lengths. These include considerations for safety margins during landing and takeoff. Heavier aircraft require longer runways.   The longest public-use runway in the world is at Qamdo Bangda Airport in China. It has a length of 5,500 m (18,045 ft). The world’s widest paved runway is at Ulyanovsk Vostochny Airport in Russia and is 105 m (344 ft) wide.   As of 2009, the CIA stated that there were approximately 44,000 “… airports or airfields recognizable from the air” around the world, including 15,095 in the US, the US having the most in the world.[2][3]   Airport ownership and operation


Airport Live | Season 1 | Episode 1 |Airport Live | Season 1 | Episode 1 |
In one of BBC Two’s most ambitious live broadcasts, Kate Humble, Dallas Campbell and Anita Rani go airside at Heathrow, the world’s busiest international hub…


The Berlin Brandenburg Airport is publicly financed by the states of Berlin and Brandenburg and the Federal Republic of Germany. Most of the world’s airports are owned by local, regional, or national government bodies who then lease the airport to private corporations who oversee the airport’s operation. For example, in the United Kingdom the state-owned British Airports Authority originally operated eight of the nation’s major commercial airports – it was subsequently privatized in the late 1980s, and following its takeover by the Spanish Ferrovial consortium in 2006, has been further divested and downsized to operating just five. Germany’s Frankfurt Airport is managed by the quasi-private firm Fraport. While in India GMR Group operates, through joint ventures, Indira Gandhi International Airport and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Bengaluru International Airport and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport are controlled by GVK Group. The rest of India’s airports are managed by the Airports Authority of India.   In the United States commercial airports are generally operated directly by government entities or government-created airport authorities (also known as port authorities), such as the Los Angeles World Airports authority that oversees several airports in the Greater Los Angeles area, including Los Angeles International Airport.   In Canada, the federal authority, Transport Canada, divested itself of all but the remotest airports in 1999/2000. Now most airports in Canada are owned and operated by individual legal authorities or are municipally owned.   Many US airports still lease part or all of their facilities to outside firms, who operate functions such as retail management and parking. In the US, all commercial airport runways are certified by the FAA under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 14 Part 139, “Certification of Commercial Service Airports”[4] but maintained by the local airport under the regulatory authority of the FAA.   Despite the reluctance to privatize airports in the US (despite the FAA sponsoring a privatization program since 1996), the government-owned, contractor-operated (GOCO) arrangement is the standard for the operation of commercial airports in the rest of the world.   Airport structures

Terminal structures at Sheremetyevo International Airport Airports are divided into landside and airside areas. Landside areas include parking lots, public transportation train stations and access roads. Airside areas include all areas accessible to aircraft, including runways, taxiways and ramps. Access from landside areas to airside areas is tightly controlled at most airports. Passengers on commercial flights access airside areas through terminals, where they can purchase tickets, clear security check, or claim luggage and board aircraft through gates. The waiting areas which provide passenger access to aircraft are typically called concourses, although this term is often used interchangeably with terminal.


The apron from the top floor observation room, Halifax International Airport, Canada The area where aircraft park next to a terminal to load passengers and baggage is known as a ramp (or “the tarmac”). Parking areas for aircraft away from terminals are called aprons.   Airports can be towered or non-towered, depending on air traffic density and available funds. Due to their high capacity and busy airspace, many international airports have air traffic control located on site.   Airports with international flights have customs and immigration facilities. However, as some countries have agreements that allow travel between them without customs and immigrations, such facilities are not a definitive need for an international airport. International flights often require a higher level of physical security, although in recent years, many countries have adopted the same level of security for international and domestic travel.   Some airport structures include on-site hotels built within or attached to a terminal building. Airport hotels have grown popular due to their convenience for transient passengers and easy accessibility to the airport terminal. Many airport hotels also have agreements with airlines to provide overnight lodging for displaced passengers.   “Floating airports” are being designed which could be located out at sea and which would use designs such as pneumatic stabilized platform technology.

Big Bigger Biggest Airport: Heathrow AirportBig Bigger Biggest Airport: Heathrow Airport
why not watch? London’s Heathrow Airport is the world’s busiest and home to one of the tallest terminals – T5. NGC…


People waiting for arriving passengers at MUC ...



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Airport Hotels & Parking

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure situations arise when it is inconvenient to make it to the airport in time to catch your flight.  When those situations arise, why not stay at a hotel near the airport ?

Leaving Early in the Morning

Most Airlines want you to arrive at least 2 hours before your plane departs, and if you are flying internationally, at least 2 1/2 hours early.  With airport security being as strict as it has been lately, it is wise to arrive early to ensure you will make your flight.   If for instance your flight is leaving early in the morning getting their in time would force you to get up way to early.  Instead, find a hotel near the airport.  Usually there will be a hotel in your price range.

Most major brands (Hilton, Hyatt, Radisson, Holiday Inn, etc) will have hotels near any major airports so you will have a variety of choices in terms of amenities and options.

Arriving Home Late

On the other hand, if your return flight arrives late, wouldn’t it be more convinced to just stay at a hotel close to the airport and rest ?  Traveling can be quite stressful and tiring, you deserve and owe it to yourself to not overdue it.

Where Are You going to Park Your Car ?

Another issue you must face when traveling is where you are going to park your car when you are gone.  Parking at the airport can be quite expensive.  A better alternative is to park “off airport” and save a substantial amount of money.  Even better, and more convenient is to leave your car right at the airport where you are planning to stay at before or after you leave for your trip.  Most airport hotels will offer what is know as a “park and fly”  or “stay and park” program.  With these packages you can usually leave your car right at the hotel and a hotel shuttle will transport you to and from the airport.  Often, these packages do not cost much more that what you would pay to park at the airport, so in essence it is like getting your hotel room for nothing.

Please take a moment to look around our website.  Use it to research (and even book) your next trip.  We hope you will stop back often and consider us an essential resource in your trip planning.  We will do our best to keep the site up to date and continue to add informative articles and resources.

If you are looking for the definition of an airport, go here:



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Vacation Planning for 2013

Every year about this time I sit down and plan my trips for the year.  I divide my trips into 3 types – Weekend Vacations, Mini Vacations, and Major Vacations.

Weekend Vacations are typically 2 to 4 days in length and usually at a location within driving distance of my home.  A “Mini Vacation” is typically a vacation of 4 to 10 days in length and often involves air travel, and a Major Vacation virtually always involves Air Travel, and often involves travelling to another country or continent.  The Weekend Vacations do not require much advance planning, whereas the other 2 types of vacation require more advanced planning in terms of time and budget.

When I sat down to plan this years Major Vacations I promised myself I would travel to somewhere that I have never been to before that I have always wanted to go to.

Of all the places in the world I want to travel too, but have never been is China.  I remember when I was young I was just fascinated with China and the Chinese culture.  I would amaze at photo’s of the Great Wall of China, and the interesting architecture of the buildings.  The Chinese people and Chinese quisine just added to the allure.

Although it had been previouly closed to foreign visitors, China holidays have now become a reality for many people since the 1980′s.  With that in mind, 2013 will finally be the year that I make my journey to China a reality and I absolutely, positively cannot wait for that to happen!

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Fly Clear Continues to Spread Wide

Fly Clear Continues to Spread Wide


It seems like the multitude of airports that are CLEAR-eligible has grown and New York is the latest recipient of this. It’s no question that New Yorkers would love to fly clear, too. In a place where people have a constant need to move and cannot stand to be patient, waiting in security lines might be the least attractive thing conceivable for travelers. However, this system has now come into play and I can say that, as a New Yorker, this idea couldn’t have come to a more fitted place.

Being able to fly clear is a simple concept: everything is done through an identity card which is laced with iris scans are well as fingerprint information. Security measures are quite robust for such a trouble-free idea and traveler authorities like CLEAR understand that identity information shouldn’t be taken lightly. CLEAR operates within seven different offices in the United States and Britain. For a potential member to finalize their membership, they must go to one office and present a government ID in order to verify the necessary information.

The fly clear method is one that is infinitely enlarging. It’s already being done in places like Orlando, Florida and Denver, Colorado but who’s to say that it wouldn’t continue to spread until the snowball effect couldn’t be halted? New Yorkers may enjoy the idea of bypassing airline security in order to get on flights sooner but that doesn’t mean other areas of the planet would turn the other cheek at it. When a simple process is implemented, almost everyone is going to want a shot at it.

What if you have family members who want to board a plane but don’t want to hear with the unnecessary wait times that come with it? I have grandparents who were from Queens and to say that they were impatient would be an understatement, whether it came to learning new things or simply waiting around. While this method may have technology that seems daunting at first, just know that everything makes sense in the long run and it can be very beneficial.

Seeing the CLEAR system make its way to New York is quite thrilling and I’m sure that will be for other states once the program is instated. To put it essentially, this is a procedure that needs to be implemented. I can’t begin to tell you how many times members of my residence have flown in from Florida or another distant state, not failing to note just how tedious security lines were. Hopefully these will be made a non-issue very soon to those who are ready to take the plunge on this method.


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Travel Care Clinical Mentoring Program Targets Recent Graduates

Advanced Medical is a premier provider of travel therapy services nationwide. With a rocketing requirement for travel care jobs there's never been a better time for graduates to pursue a job in travel care. Many graduates are drawn towards the adventure, adaptability, and monetary rewards of travel therapy.

Now many of those obstacles can be put to rest as Advanced Medical is reporting a thorough clinical mentorship programme with the new graduate under consideration. This programme will help guarantee a smooth transition for young consultants thru reinforced clinical support, weekly progress updates, and a working syllabus. “This program wants to stop professional isolation by providing multiple channels of support and communication, “stated Maryann Thomas, clinical director at Advanced Medical. Our program actively markets new graduates to clients dedicated to the highest standards in patient care. Unlike most travel corporations Advanced Medical has a peerless focus on therapy.

The New Graduate Clinical Mentorship Program is for those that exceed baseline requirements regarding references, GPA, and scholastic feats. In addition to this program Advanced Medical also provides tuition compensation, continuing education credits, and sponsors top schools across the land. Whether or not it is thru career services, interactive seminars, or taking part in large conventions, Advanced Medical tries to give you the full picture. In 2010, Advanced Medical earned the verification for the Gold Seal of Approval by the Joint Commission. “We're a company of great warmth, innovative and tenacious in the pursuit of high standards.

It is rousing to see the splendid new therapists joining the Advanced Medical family,” stated CEO Jennifer Fuicelli. To find out lots more about the Clinical Mentorship Programme, Teaching Reward, and search thousands of travel jobs nationwide go to Advanced-medical.


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Primary FlightSleep Travel Accessory Users Experience Comfy Rest in Upright Position

One month after market introduction, FlightSleep, the innovative new travel accessory that promises improved travel comfort and convenience for weary travelers has received positive feedback from the product's 1st users. These early FlightSleep shoppers are reporting prolonged times of snug sleep when utilizing the machine. Here is what one consumer declared, “A great new invention. Very simple I'm shocked someone hasn't thought of it earlier.

I feel very rested after a sleep on my FlightSleep. No cricks in my neck and no waking up when I nod too far forward.” Medical professionals credit the efficiently correct design which can provide support in front instead of behind the neck with the improved comfort. This design keeps the head and neck in proper alignment which delivers more comfort as the neck muscles are more rested. FlightSleep is a small, semi-soft platform designed to support the head and chin in a touch forward position while sleeping or resting in a seated position. Primary users report that the tiny size of the compact device makes it very suitable to deploy in today's challengingly tight seating on aeroplanes.

FlightSleep travelers found they'd more space even in economy seats since maximum comfort and rest comes when the user doesn't recline the airline seat. Because of the natural desire for the jaw and head to move forward and down during rest, FlightSleep provides maximum support of the chin at rest while sitting upright. Users also enjoy the compact design of FlightSleep, about the size of a tennis ball in a bag, and find it straightforward to take along on any trip. It's so small that I can carry it in my purse and simply pop it out for a peaceful nap without troubling other passengers.” there were no reports of issues at airport security checkpoints as the see though colour will allow the product to simply pass thru scanning. FlightSleep is turning out to be a critical new solution for frequent travelers who have to rest easily in transit, but are facing fewer, more crowded flights, growing limitations on baggage and even charges for using airline pillows.

The product is available online at FlightSleep. Distribution investigations should be directed to FlightSleep, 3645 Market-place Boulevard * Suite 130-357, Atlanta, GA 30344.


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Tween Travel Expert Launches Hyatt Hill Country Resort Review In Time For Spring Break Travel

She’s fun. She’s venturesome. She’s Gaby on a Busy schedule, the Internet’s newest-and only-teen travel advisor, based at Hyatt Regency Hill Country. She’s traveled and documented trips to SeaWorld San Antonio to Natural Bridge Caverns – and now she’s providing the YouTube generation with some beneficial traveling hints, guidance on what to do and offering dining recommendations. All this and she’s only 14. “I was watching different YouTube videos with all of these ‘how-to’ tips ; how to put on makeup, how to get to be a better tennis player, but nothing on the way to travel, better,” expounded Gabriella Caliendo, star of Gaby on a Busy schedule.

“And all the travel shows on the telly are produced and hosted by adults, so I had this idea. Why not make a travel show directed at kids my age?”. Gaby on a Busy schedule may have found its perfect demographic – as more and more teenagers and young adults embrace social media sites like YouTube and VEVO in such away, that many in the 12-18-year-old demographic rely solely on these sites for information and news. A show like “Gaby on the Go” is as easy as uploading to YouTube, from there it is available for millions of people, around the world, to stream.

Gabriella is the ideal hostess and qualified for the job. The San Antonio resident has grown up in the hospitality industry, her pop has managed varied Hyatt hostels and resorts for at least 30 years, and she has likely visited that many hostels in her short lifetime. Her dad, Gino Caliendo, is the CEO of Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort, which gave her uncontrolled access to discovering the many activities for kids of every age group. Gabriella was adamant the video segments maintain an exciting and eccentric tone, and that was achieved with the help of videographer Gil Kaufman, of Kaufman Productions in Miami. The intro and sound beds were all designed by Kaufman to maintain the “YouTube” feel of the production, yet giving it a professional quality. “We think Gaby on A Busy schedule is such a wonderful idea, and good for our resort. Gaby On The Go It was a great way to showcase all the activities that we provide for kids and pre-teens alike.” Said Melody Goeken, the resort’s public relations director.

It was once the mom made those decisions, but now kids’ are really weighing in on where those vacation dollars are spent.”. Other Gaby on a Busy schedule segments highlights tourist draws such as SeaWorld San Antonio and close by Natural Bridge Caverns and the Animal life Ranch. She even makes a visit to the Alamo! Each destination was completely explored by the young travel advisor and given her seal of quality.

“I'm releasing these at the perfect time, when teens are browsing the Internet for places to spend Spring Break and planning for their summer holidays. To look at “Gaby on the Go” please feel free to visit Hyatt Regency Hill Nations YouTube Channel at youtube. About Hyatt Hill Country. Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa is located on 300-scenic acres in the center of San Antonio. The 500-room resort features 33,000 square feet of flexible meeting space. Resort comforts include the full service Windflower-The Hill Country Spa featuring 21-treatment rooms with top-class services, four pools and our signature 950 foot Ramblin’ Brook. With 4 cafes, a lounge and coffee bar, guests can enjoy superb epicurean dining or cocktails with colleagues overlooking a lushly landscaped 27-hole Arthur Hills-designed golf course.

For reservations or info contact Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa at 210.647.1234 or visit us at hyattregencyhillcountry.


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Finger Lakes Wine Country Tourism Promoting Organisation Announces Arrival Of New Custom Travel Mag

Finger Lakes Wine Country Tourism Marketing Association is excited to proclaim the arrival of an editorial-style custom travel magazine publication for the 2011 tourism season in partnership with Hour Custom Publishing. The Finger Lakes Wine Country travel magazine’s 3 main editorial pieces are fresh, original stories penned by experienced correspondents with ties to the region. “The Finger Lakes Wine Country story is a completely unique and remarkable one that deserves to be brought to life through detailed print and photography,” commented Finger Lakes Wine Country president, Morgen McLaughlin. Hour Custom Publishing is a full service publishing agency, providing prize-winning editorial and graphic design services ; results-driven advertising sales ; efficient project management ; fine quality pre-press and production services ; and centered distribution for clients in a variety of industries. Finger Lakes Wine Country is a cutting edge promoting organisation in cooperation with the Steuben County Meeting and Visitors Bureau, Chemung County Chamber of Commerce, Watkins Glen Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Yates County Chamber of Commerce. As well as the new travel magazine, Finger Lakes Wine Country also is accountable for the Finger Lakes Wine Country mobile travel app. The free mobile app is available for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry through FLWC The association’s Web site, FingerLakesWineCountry offers visitors to the region the facility to build, map, and print their custom-built itineraries with the Trip Builder feature thru use of the all-encompassing databases of regional tourism businesses.


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Manhattan Dentists Travel Coast-to-Coast In Pursuit Of Cutting-Edge Dental Technology

At Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates, the team of Long Island dentists is committed to blending the science and art of dentistry, explaining why they attend a severe schedule of continuing education courses and industry seminars. Following the Global Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), Dr. Stephen Dallal, Dr. Arnold Tyrangel, and Dr. cosmetic, general, pediatric, sedation, reconstructive, dentistry, dentists The team of dentists at Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Associates say they seriously enjoyed to chance to improve the safety and effectiveness of their dental implant expertise even farther, as well as the opportunity to engage with other dedicated pros in the dentistry field.

As the Long Island dentists plan their trip to the AACD meeting in Boston from May 18-21, 2011, they are saying they are looking forward to a number of the talking engagements, as well as the hands on workshops. Irrespective of whether the group of Manhattan dentists are attending seminars, continuing education courses, or implementing the newest technology at their practice, they say quality and customized patient care is the driving force behind their commitment to state of the art dental technology. About Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates. The dentists at Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates have been serving the dental desires for patients of every age group for over 35 years. With specialists in a selection of dental fields, Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates is fitted out to perform a broad spectrum of dental treatments, including general dentistry, sedation dentistry, pediatric dentistry, periodontics, and orthodontics. Patients are their first concern as they continue to follow the latest technology and blend the science and art of dentistry.

Great Neck and Mid-Island Dental Associates has two locations : Great Neck 611 Northern Blvd. The Manhattan dentistry practice can be found online at either greatneckdentalassociates or the Great Neck & Mid-Island Dental Asscociates Facebook page.


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Hilton Head Island Getaway

Whether you have been to Hilton Head Island in the past or planning your first trip, we are confident you will have a great time.

Hilton Head Island

The area is known around the world for it’s incredibly beautiful beaches, world class golf courses, dining options, and a variety of shopping opportunities.   Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised!



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GolfTripGenius Packing More Fun Into Golf Travel

If the best golf trips are as much about problem-free fun with mates as they are low scores, changes to the GolfTripGenius service for 2011 promise some memorable golf travel for trip organizers and their fellow players. As spring nears and golfers begin planning their first trips, GolfTripGenius has announced enhancements to its web-based service that include easier pricing, a “test-drive” feature and a Photograph Studio that allows golfers to upload trip stills and share them with the group or on Facebook. The changes to GolfTripGenius, which in its first year attracted more than two thousand registered golfing trip captains, are a part of the social learning of the service, according to MANAGING DIRECTOR Mike Zisman. “We spent most of our first year developing the software that supports what happens on the course. In the company's simpler pricing structure, the Basic Trip edition is $1 per golfer per round, and the full-featured Genius Trip edition is $3 per golfer per round.

That suggests a grouping of 8 players playing 5 rounds using the Basic Trip edition would be charged $40, or $5 per player. The same group playing the same number of rounds using the Genius Trip edition would pay $120, or $15 per player. Trip organizers, also known as golfing captains, select the GolfTripGenius edition for their group based primarily on the services they select. Tools include mathematically optimised pairings, trip logistics, trip books, multiple competition set-up and scoring and trip expense accounting. For help evaluating GolfTripGenius, trip captains can now visit the Genius Island Golfing Resort on the site to take a simulated trip experience and find out more about features that make golfing trips more fun. In addition to a repository for trip photographs, the new Photo Studio feature offers a variety of stock and partner destination photographs to choose from when building trip albums.

On the re-designed internet site, registered golfers can find videos of GolfTripGenius services and take advantage of offers that help them save money on golf travel. “Golfers’ enthusiastic response and generous feedback to the GolfTripGenius service have given us the break and the discernment to improve the product and expand its benefits,” said Steve Sayre, vice president of marketing. “These exciting new features will add to the pleasure of any golf trip and eliminate a lot of the boring jobs that historically fall on the golf captain.”. About GolfTripGenius. GolfTripGenius was first launched in 2010 to introduce a new category of innovative, web-based golfing travel solutions to traveling golfers, resort and golfing destination executives and PGA Pros.

Powering these solutions is the newbie use of operations research programming and advanced mathematical routines applied to commercial golf scheduling and tournament design challenges. The resulting lower cost, online products provide benefits that seriously boost any golfing trip experience.


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